From creative to the most technical know-how, our ecosystem comprises varied partners who help us deliver effective solutions related to strategizing, packaging, scientific expertise and machine learning.


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About Ecosystem Partners

We work with a strong network of partners consisting of established suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, academia, and subject matter experts. This is a key capability that helps us deliver innovative solutions with technical rigour, agility, and speed. With our network, we have access to commercially scalable food ingredients and packaging solutions, pilot plant and analytical capability, research, and clinical expertise.

Our Network

Artificial Intelligence
Platform Partner

Accelerating innovation by understanding consumer needs & trends in real-time using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
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Brand Design
& Creative Partner

Strategic brand design and creative partner across various mediums
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Research Based Customer
Centric Solution Partner

Research based customer centric solutions partner helping us co-create customized, insightful and innovative business solutions
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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property partners providing expertise in patents with presence in India and USA
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Business Strategy &
Advisory Partner

Business strategy & advisory partner working with stakeholders and business leaders to devise comprehensive responses for existing and latent business constraints
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Nutrition Platform

Nutrition platform partner enabling our clients to bring effective nutrition ideas to the market
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End To End Packaging

Our go-to experts for end to end packaging solutions
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Food Control & Safety
Solutions Partner

Helping us address formulation challenges in plant proteins by developing high quality plant based ingredients
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Food & Consumer Product
Development Partner

Product & process development, consumer insights and sensory science partner in USA to maximize global reach
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If you would like to join our network as an ecosystem partner, please join in by providing us with some details on this link